We are here 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM today (Friday) and 9:00 AM to early afternoon tomorrow (Saturday).  The road is OK if you drive prudently.  Our closing tomorrow.will depend upon if customers have called and made an appointment in the afternoon or not.  We will need time to break down our balers, tree racks, etc. and store them for next season before we leave work tomorow.  Call us at 802-276-3382 to let us know when you are coming.  Despite the snowy/rainy weather we would be happy to cut your tree once you choose it.  We do have a few pre cut trees left as well.  The barn is nice and warm and we have coffee, tea or hot chocolate available plus the trains are awaiting your arrival.  We hope to see you soon!


The snow plow just came by and plowed and sanded the road so you should be safe to come out and get your tree(s).  Of course you should exercise caution and drive more slowly and cautiously!  It is officially winter in Vermont.

With a great deal of trepidation we are hesitantly implementing a new Point Of Sale (POS) system for the Choose & Cut part of our Christmas Tree Farm. I say “hesitantly” because we only collect money for 12 to 15 days out of 365 days a year. Our efforts to re-learn the relatively simple cash register each year could be made into a really funny Seinfeld episode.

So what in the world are we doing with a computer based POS? Among other things we are now accepting credit and debit cards along with personal checks and cash. We hope to make those customers who wish to pay with a credit or debit card doubly happy, once with a great Christmas tree adventure and secondly the ease of the transaction.

We hope the new system will speed up the line of customers that often forms in front of the desk in the Christmas Barn. We also can provide receipts to those customers who want them much easier. We hope that it will also provide us more and more detailed reports on what we sell and what we have left. Most of all, we hope that it will be much simpler for us to learn and use. Only time will tell. More to come.

 One of the many things we do here on the farm during the Choose & Cut Christmas tree season to make this a memorable experience for customers is to have local charities and worthy causes come to our Christmas Barn to conduct a bake sale on busy weekends. We provide them space, electricity, a microwave oven and other resources and they get to keep all the proceeds for their worthy project. We make no charge to them. They provide you hot food and beverages and cold baked goodies, most of them home made. If you plan to come to our farm this season, you will find worthy causes staffing the bake sale in the Christmas barn. They will each be available to you from 9:00 AM to about 3:00 PM.

Our 2017 Bake Sale schedule is pretty much complete now. 

SUNDAY NOVEMBER 26      Williamstown High School Senior Class 

SATURDAY DECEMBER 2    East Randolph Fire Department Auxillery

SUNDAY DECEMBER 3        East Randolph Fire Department Auxilliery

SATURDAY DECEMBER 9    Williamstown United Federated Church Youth Group

SUNDAY DECEMBER 10       Royalton Pre School

SATURDAY DECEMBER 16   Specialized Community Care

SUNDAY DECEMBER 17       Randolph High School Service Learning Project


If you have suggestions about what foods you would like to see or if your organization would like to conduct a bake sale in our Christmas Barn, please go to "Contact" and then "Email Us" and give us your suggestions.

Yes, Dorothy there will be a Christmas Raffle at the LH Stowell & Son Christmas Tree Farm this year.  In the past the Floating Bridge Food & Farm Co-Op offered the raffle.  Starting this year we will provide the prize and be administering the raffle.  We have the raffle for the purpose of adding to and confirming email addresses for our newsletter.  If you are already on the mailing list, you should sign up again to have a chance to win.  The system will only send one newsletter to each email address.  If you have not been receiving our newsletter, please sign up.  We do not share, sell or give our mailing list away.  You will not receive a rash of emails.  We have been sending out only one news letter per year.  We decided among many ideas to offer a free Christmas tree here on the farm in 2018 to the winner of the 2017 raffle.  The tree can be up to and including nine feet in height which in 2017 could be as much as a $40.00 value.  The tree can be any of the species we have available.  One benefit of offering a tree is that we can contact the winner and provide them the certificate easily even if they are out of state.

Last years winner was Ruth Snow of Northfield.  She was notified on December 24 that she was the lucky winner of the LH Stowell & Son drawing. Lew delivered the prize basket to her on Monday December 26, 2016.  In addition to winning the basket of local foods Ruth was enjoying the seven foot Balsam Fir she purchased from the LH Stowell Christmas Tree Farm.







802-276-3382 or 800-557-0400
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Number 2 or better
5 TO 7' 11" .......$20.00
8' TO 9' 11" ......$24.00
10' TO 12' 11" ..$30.00


Number 2 or better
5 TO 7' 11"...... $24.00
8' TO 9' 11" .....$28.00
10' TO 12' 11" .$32.00


Number 2 or better
5 TO 7' 11" ......$20.00
8' TO 9' 11" .....$24.00
10' TO 12' 11", $28.00

For Trees above 12 Feet call or email us for details .

Trees are wrapped tightly in twine, harvested in early to mid November and available for pick up at our farm in mid November to early December.
Buyers are encouraged to visit our farm prior to purchasing trees or brush. There are a number of variations of grade and specie that are too numerous to list in this price list.

We are unable to provide delivery. We can make suggestions about shipping but the arrangement are strictly between the buyer and the trucker or rental company. If requested, we can provide a motorized tree conveyor to assist you in loading. The perennial question of “how many trees can I get on my vehicle” is difficult for us to answer. We don’t know what your vehicle and/or trailer look like and how sturdy they are. If you guess wrong, you will have to come back for the remainder so you should err on the side of having a little extra space.. We strongly recommend robust side boards or stakes on trucks and trailers.

TERMS: A down payment of 35 % is required for orders placed by September 30, 2017 and for orders placed after September 30, 2017 the down payment is 50 %. The balance is due and payable at pick up for all trees ordered..

VOLUME DISCOUNT:  For orders of 100 or more trees there is a $2.00 discount off each wholesale tree in your order.

For Greens See the Greens Wholesale Price List
Balsam Fir Greens and Fraser Fir Greens: $780.00 per Ton

Colorado Blue Spruce Greens: ..................$640.00 per Ton

See also, Late Breaking NewsChoose & Cut HoursWholesale Christmas Tree Prices 2017