2017: We are open for the general public to come and pick your tree out and have us cut it each Friday, Saturday and Sunday between Thanksgiving and Christmas from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. as shown below. We are NOT open after December 23.

Also, check out our Customer Checklist so you'll be prepared to have the maximum family fun when you get here.  Here is our schedule with the hot drink and food opportunities by day:

Friday     11/24  Keurig Hot Drinks

Saturday 11/25  Keurig Hot Drinks
Sunday   11/26  Williamstown High School Senior Class Bake Sale with hot beverages

Friday     12/01   Keurig Hot Drinks
Saturday 12/02   East Randolph Fire Department Auxillery Bake Sale with hot beverages
Sunday   12/03   East Randolph Fire Department Auxiliary Bake Sale with hot beverages

Friday      12/08 Keurig Hot Drinks
Saturday 12/09 Williamstown United Federated Church Youth Group Bake Sale with hot beverages
Sunday   12/10 Royalton Pre School Bake Sale with hot beverages

Friday     12/15   Keurig Hot Drinks
Saturday 12/16   Specialized Community Care Bake Sale with hot beverages
Sunday   12/17   Randolph High School Service Learning Project with hot beverages

Friday     12/22   Keurig Hot Drinks

Saturday 12/23  Keurig Hot Drinks

We will be open on Friday, December 22 and Saturday December 23, 2017, but we will be putting things away for the season by early afternoon on the 23rd. Please call before coming after 12 Noon - 802-276-3382/800-557-0400.

We have special carts, trailers and tractor forks to keep the tree from being dragged on the ground, a series of netting devices to compact your tree so you can carry it on or in your car and get it into your house, and plastic bags to protect the tree during long drives and to make removing the tree after Christmas less messy. Be sure to see our electric train display. We have both the East and the West loops operating. The engines are all eager to do their thing for your viewing and listening enjoyment.

We have hot beverages on all days that we are open and on some weekends we have hot food . Those weekend days we have charities providing the  bake sale  (See above.). If you are interested in fundraising opportunities, please give us a call.

If our schedule doesn't match yours or you have a special request, please call us at 802.276.3382 or 800.557.0400 or send us an e-mail by clicking here.

Don't forget to check the 'Late Breaking News' page before traveling to our site to make sure that we are open and that road conditions are favorable.

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