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The following is a collection of suggestions to make your tree buying experience safe and more fun.  You may print this off to prod your memory.

  • Dress everyone in your group/family in more layers than they may think they need.  It is often colder, snowier and windier up here at the farm than it is at your house.  Mittens, hats, scarves, warm boots, (all those things kids try not to wear until they get really cold), etc. They can always remove excess clothing after they get here if it is warmer than usual.

  • Bring more robust rope, bungees, ratchet straps, etc. than you think you need.  It is important that your tree does not fall off on the way home.  Not only could the tree be damaged but it could harm someone in the cars following you.

  • Fresh trees will have some pitch on them, particularly the butt and some needles may fall off.  Protect your vehicle, particularly the inside and the roof, by bringing plastic tarps, blankets, sheets, etc.

  • Does the vehicle you are bringing match up with the size of tree you will be choosing?  Avoid bringing a subcompact to carry a big tree home.

  • Bring cash or a checkbook to pay for the tree and other items you may purchase.  We do not accept credit or debit cards!

  • Do not rely upon Google, GPS or other technology to find us!  Use the directions on our Map & Directions Page.  We have heard and seen many horror stories of customers and delivery truck drivers being directed up or down roads that lead here but are not fit for man or beast in the late Fall or Winter, much less your family car or a trailer truck.

  • Come early enough to enjoy the adventure of walking through our fields and having some treats at the bake sale.  It takes most people an hour or two for the whole process.  Some folks take longer.  It starts getting dark at 4:00 PM.  We try to close promptly at 4:00!

  • If you are planning to buy a tree 12’ or taller, please give us a call first and try to come in the morning or come one day to pick it out and the following day to take it home.  Cutting and tying a large tree takes at least two or three crew members.  During the busy part of the day it is often impossible to do that and serve all of the other customers.  We do not allow tagging of trees to be picked up later in the season because of the possibility that someone else may get your tree.

  • If you must bring a pet, please bring a strong leash and be prepared to keep him or her under control.

  • You do not need to bring a saw or axe!  We will do the cutting.

  • Snow tires with adequate tread on at least the drive wheels are a really, really good idea.  Please avoid coming out in winter weather with inadequate tires.

We hope that the suggestions above will promote safety and fun for your whole family.